Getting Help And Giving Back

There really never is one day or season that is meant for giving to those in need but the winter months can be very taxing on both families and individuals but our area is very lucky to have some wonderful organizations that can help those in need and can give those who have time or means the ability to give back and even some that can help build the next leaders.  These are just a few of the many organizations that help the community, what are some that you like or work with?

Genesee County Community Action Resource Department  – GCCARD

This is an organization that I am personally familiar with and really endorse.  They are – “a county department that can assist people in our community in almost any way necessary.  We assure that the people in need, receive the hope and opportunity they deserve.”  I became acquainted with the organization when I had furniture I no longer needed and GCCARD was able to send a truck out with men that picked up the still usable furniture and I didn’t have to discard items that could still be used.  This organization works with children, the elderly, and the low income and in need and has become a valuable resource in our area.

PH. # 810.232.2185

Resource Genesee

Resource Genesee is another Flint based organization that is focused on helping the public in times of need.  What Resource Genesee does is serve as a clearing house of information if you are in need but it also offers opportunities to the public to become actively involved themselves as volunteers.   One of the wonderful additions that has been made in recent years is that they have provided an easy to remember phone number for those in need that works 24 hours a day and every day of the year and will put you in touch with human or social services in the county.  If you are interested in learning more about their services, or want to look into volunteer opportunities please visit their website.

PH. # 211 – in county calls only.

Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties

Another organization that offers volunteer opportunities as well as resources for the needy is Catholic Charities, which works with people of any faith or personal beliefs.  This is an organization that helps to feed and clothe families as well as individuals and which becomes heavily burdened during the holidays.  If you are compelled to volunteer this is a wonderful organization to work with because you can directly see the impact your time and care can have on someone.

PH. # 810.232.9950

Raise It Up! Youth Arts & Awareness

When it comes to working with and guiding teens you won’t find many local organizations more dedicated to creating happy, healthy kids than Raise It Up!  This is an organization that is inspired by and inspires with the arts and which uses frequent public performances as a way to empower and encourage young people to keep growing and keep pushing themselves to succeed.  Through the arts and community projects they are teaching young people to become part of not just the city but of their community and the world at large and are given the tools that will help them become the leaders of tomorrow.

PH: 810.394.3113

These organizations are but the smallest of samples of some of the amazing work that is being done in our area.  There are dozens more that are out there working with and in the community to make this not just a better place to live but the best place to live.  Community isn’t just about seeing what is happening but being a part of what is happening.

What organizations do you work with or want people to know about?