Banned: UM-Flint to be a smoke-free campus, inside and out

I’m interested in the opinion of the people on the decision by the University of Michigan to make all its campuses, including the downtown Flint campus, smoke free. Fair or unfair?

I’m not too far removed from college, so I distinctly remember numerous students who would smoke on every classroom break at UM-Flint. Now those folks will have to walk quite a bit farther to light up.

From ABC 12:

The University of Michigan is enacting a campus-wide ban on smoking that includes lighting up outdoors. The new rules have stirred up some mixed reaction.

Starting July 1, the campus of UM-Flint will be smoke free.

“I think that’s actually a very good thing,” said student Sarah Roberts.

Under the ban, you won’t be able to smoke inside of the building. Ash trays won’t be needed because you won’t be able to light up outside on campus either. You can smoke inside your car, or on a public sidewalk, but not everyone thinks that’s fair.


Grand Blanc’s Justice Hayes ready to enter the Big House at University of Michigan

Justice Hayes, after initially committing to Notre Dame, re-evaluated his decision and ultimately decided to go to Ann Arbor. Now, the Grand Blanc graduate finds himself in a position to fight for playing time with a stable of running backs at The University of Michigan — another competitor, oddly enough, is Flint Northern’s Thomas Rawls.

Hayes, a power back with speed in high school, is concentrating on getting faster for a much faster game in college. Here’s what he told the recently:

Over the past few weeks, Hayes — a four-star recruit by and — said he’s felt a range of emotions about his upcoming future. He’s been eager and excited, nervous and getting ready to try and see the field as a true freshman.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” Hayes said after finishing his final track event at Saturday’s Division 1 state finals. “You want to know how things are going to go when you get down there and you’re excited as well. I think it’s going to be fun playing football for one of the best teams in the nation with one of the best traditions in the nation.

“A little bit of nerves, too, because you don’t know what to expect when you get there. It’s why you have to prepare yourself before you get there so you won’t be surprised.”