Two New Visitor Centers Set To Open Locally

VisitorCenterFor decades visitors to the area have always been able turn to the convention & visitors bureau for information on the places and things that made an area vibrant and now our local CVB will have two more spots where people can do just that.  In the coming weeks the Flint & Genesee Convention & Visitors Bureau will be opening two new Visitor Centers in the heart of Downtown Flint to help get the word out about the many destination spots, festivals, and other attractions our county has to offer.  The FGCVB unveiled the first of their new centers on May 1 in the lobby of the Commerce Center Building in Downtown Flint.  Located at the corners of Saginaw Street and First Street this first location will be ideal in its central location and for those visitors looking for information during the regular work day.  The second Visitors Center will be located in the new Downtown Flint Farmer’s Market which is set to open this summer.  The market location will be in a space that will be shared by the FGCVB and The Whiting and will serve as an outlet for both groups as they get the word out about the many things to do and see in the area and will also be a great way for those of us locals that may not know about some attractions or just want some additional information.

Both Visitor Centers will have information and brochures at the ready as well as volunteers on hand to answer any questions that might arise.  While providing information these two small information stations will also have Flint & Genesee merchandise on sale for those looking for a small keepsake, something that has been sought after for years.

With festival and event season just around the corner this is a great time for the opening of these two Visitor Centers and they’ll serve as important satellites of information for all the people who come to our area for the large events.  And heck, let’s face it, when the warm weather hits and we’re looking for something to do these two spots will be the first places we’re hitting so we can find the perfect thing to do when we’re starting to feel a little restless.


Flint & Genesee Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitor Centers

519 S. Saginaw Street

Hours – 11AM – 4PM Monday – Thursday

Flint Farmer’s Market (open in Summer when the new market opens)

Hours – 11AM – 4PM Monday – Thursday