Would You Like To Dance?

1024px-Moore_Theatre_100_Years_-_swing_dance_01With Valentine’s Day fast approaching hearts and minds begin to turn to the romantic and there are few things are romantic as dancing and few dances as exciting as swing dancing.  Swing dancing is a very high energy type of dance that features a lot of movement, a lot of motion, and lots of spins and dips.  If you have ever been interested in learning how to swing dance then the Great Lakes Swing Dance Club is the perfect place for you to learn.  The GLSDC meets every Wednesday at Rollhaven roller rink in Flushing at 6PM with group lessons offered for the first hour and then from 7 – 10PM there is open dancing on the large wooden floor of the rink.  There are instructors on hand to help teach the intricacies of swing dancing with DJs spinning tunes to keep you moving.  You must be a member of the group to attend regularly but this is a great chance to learn more about swing dancing and to get out and moving and this is the perfect time to surprise someone special with the moves you learn in the next few weeks.

For more information on the Great Lakes Swing Dance Club head to their website where they give all the details on their organization and the many fun events they have planned for the year.

The Great Lakes Swing Dance Club

Wednesdays, 6 – 10PM (instructed dance from 6-7PM with open dance following)

Rollhaven Flushing

3464 Ann Drive, Flushing, MI

Membership is needed to regularly attend.