Go For A Run And Help Two Great Causes

625595_459822847421846_69255165_nOn Saturday, April 26 the Paul A. Webster Memorial 5K Run/Walk will be held on the University of Michigan-Flint campus.  The early registrations are down but there’s still time to join this great run and to help support a couple of great causes.  Proceeds will go towards scholarships at the University of Michigan – Flint and a portion will also go to aid The Rainbow Connection which benefits children in Michigan fighting life threatening illnesses.  This race has been held annually for several years now to celebrate and remember the life of Paul A. Webster and by giving back to the community they are making sure that the legacy of Mr. Webster lives on.

This is the time of year when everyone starts to really feel the weight of the cabin fever and events like this help get you out and moving and ready for the bigger and harder races that are scattered throughout the year.  Get out and get moving and help out some people who deserve it as you keep the memory of a beloved man alive.

Paul A. Webster Memorial 5K Run/Walk

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Held on The University of Michigan – Flint Campus

9:13AM Start

To register – https://seeandbseen.org/tag/classical-concert/

For more information –



Living Dead To Invade Durand This Friday the 13th!

935049_118069435058660_905163967_nJust outside of town, near the Durand Middle School there are rumors of things roaming the woods looking for fresh victims.  There’s good news and bad news here – the bad news is that the rumors are true and the dead are loose in Durand. The good news is that you can outrun them for fun and prizes!  For the second year the Railroad City Comic Convention will hold a Zombie Run where runners will be tasked with taking to dark pathways to race around a set course as they avoid the undead hordes.   The route takes you around the Durand Middle School Cross Country course, across the school grounds, and eventually to the finish line where you can rehydrate and have a chance at winning a prize.  For those of us that aren’t as adept at fleeing horrible creatures there’s a fun run that lets you run the course without feeling the pressure of a time-clock.  And while the zombies are definitely scary they won’t actually touch, grab, or otherwise attack anyone – it’s a one night treaty sort of thing that was worked out by the event’s organizers.  Having seen this event in person I can say that it’s an absolute riot to behold and a run unlike anything else in the area.  Just one week later is Durand’s Railroad City Comic Con which brings comic artists and pop culture together for two days of fun in the historic Railroad Station.

The seasons may be shifting but there’s still a chance to get a good run in and what better encouragement can you need than your own preservation?

Railroad City Zombie Run II

Friday, September 13th

9 – Late

Durand Middle School, Durand, MI

5K Run – $18 early registration/$20 race night

Fun Run – $10