Head Out To The Flint Local 432 This Thursday For Some Awkward Comedy

awkward comedy tourIf there’s something we Mid-Michgan folks can take it is a joke, I mean, if you can’t keep laughing when you get record snowfall and cold weather then what can you laugh at?  The sad part is though that there are few opportunities to catch live comedy these days and even fewer chances to catch hometown comics.  Well, consider this Thursday a rare opportunity to see a comedy show from some homebrew comedians. The Awkward Chuckle Tour will be performing at Downtown Flint’s Flint Local 432 at an evening show that promises to be the highlight to another busy week.  The troupe of comedians all hails from the Mid-Michigan area and got their start doing shows in Flushing but are working to fund a trip to New York City for several gigs they have booked there.  The three comedians that make up the core troupe will be joined by fellow local Seth Addison making it full night that should leave you gasping for air and sore from laughter.  This should be a great chance to get out and laugh and to hopefully laugh at other people because we Michiganders are tired of being the butt of so many jokes. It’s time to share the wealth in that department, don’t you think?


The Awkward Comedy Tour

Thursday, March 27, 2014

7PM – 9PM


Flint Local 432 – 124 W. First Street, Flint, MI, 48502