Second Annual Flotilla to Travel from Tenacity Brewing to Mott Park Golf Course

This Saturday, hundreds of kayaks, canoes and flotation devices will depart from Tenacity Brewing for a leisurely float down the Flint River. Sponsored by the Flint River Corridor Alliance, the second annual Flint River Flotilla will take participants all the way to the Mott Park Golf Course.

The flotilla isn’t a competitive event, but that’s not to say there won’t be prizes involved. Event organizers will distribute awards for “Highest Energy,” “Most Colorful” and “Spirit.” The “Captain of Industry” award will also be given to the business with the most participants.

Participants will be responsible for making their own arrangements for rafts, inner tubes, canoes and/or kayaks, etc., although there will be a limited supply of inner tubes and moderately priced floating devices available to purchase before the event.

The event – which will occur rain or shine – will be followed by an after-party at the Mott Park Golf Course. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Tickets are $10/person. Children 12 and under are free.

To register for the event, visit For more information, call 810-241-6966.

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Photo of the Day: The water rescue on the Flint River near Flushing

Here’s a great photo of the Memorial Day rescue of three canoeists on the Flint River near Flushing. Everyone got out safely, but the situation is a reminder of how dangerous any river can be given the right conditions. (Photo by Joseph Tobianski | The Flint Journal )

Video: Canoeists rescued from Flint River near Flushing on Memorial Day

Here’s a great video of numerous local public safety organizations who came together to rescue a family of stranded canoeists on the Flint River Monday.

Flooded: Check out this picture of the Flint River from this morning

I live in Bradley Hills, just up the hill from Mott Park. This photo of the old Mott Park Golf Course was taken this morning around 7 a.m.  According to the National Weather Service, the Flint River was 1.5 feet above flood stage at 14.5 feet and rising. The photo was taken from the new Flint River Trail.

‘Smash stereotypes’: Author plans to take canoe trip down Flint river for upcoming book

When you ask people in the know, they’ll tell you: The Flint River gets a bum rap. It’s a great river for kayaking and canoeing (I’ve heard it’s great for fishing as well). Here’s a great story from The Flint Journal about a Michigan author who will canoe down the river near Flushing for a chapter in his next book.

Here’s an excerpt:

Author Jeff “Doc” Fletcher wants to smash stereotypes of the Flint River and show it’s worthy of a trip via canoe or kayak.

Fletcher, author of “Weekend Canoeing in Michigan: The Rivers, The Towns, The Taverns,” will paddle a stretch of the Flint River, starting in Flushing, on May 18.

Flushing and the river will become one of 20 chapters in his fourth book scheduled to be published in January. It’s his first trip down the Flint River.