‘Smash stereotypes’: Author plans to take canoe trip down Flint river for upcoming book

When you ask people in the know, they’ll tell you: The Flint River gets a bum rap. It’s a great river for kayaking and canoeing (I’ve heard it’s great for fishing as well). Here’s a great story from The Flint Journal about a Michigan author who will canoe down the river near Flushing for a chapter in his next book.

Here’s an excerpt:

Author Jeff “Doc” Fletcher wants to smash stereotypes of the Flint River and show it’s worthy of a trip via canoe or kayak.

Fletcher, author of “Weekend Canoeing in Michigan: The Rivers, The Towns, The Taverns,” will paddle a stretch of the Flint River, starting in Flushing, on May 18.

Flushing and the river will become one of 20 chapters in his fourth book scheduled to be published in January. It’s his first trip down the Flint River.