Genesee Towers awash in light and movement at Art Walk in downtown Flint

The Genesee Towers building, all dressed up for Art Walk. The performance art exhibit in the most visible symbol of old Flint was used as the centerpiece to kick off the Flint Public Art Project. (Photo by Jared Field)

FLINT, Michigan — By all accounts, the Art Walk in Flint tonight was the largest ever. To say that downtown Flint was home to a diverse crowd might just be the understatement of the month. The event attracted people from all walks of life into downtown Flint for an evening to celebrate creativity.

There was an exciting art battle at the Rowe Building in which artists had a set amount of time to create a masterpiece; there was live music at the Wade-Trim Building and, to top it all off, performance art at Genesee Towers.

For those people who still cling to the notion that downtown Flint is unsafe or comatose, I suggest you get out more. This is a great and growing event held on the second Friday of every month right in the heart of downtown Flint. Perceptions be damned.

This month’s Art Walk actually served as a kick-off to the Flint Public Art Project.

July 8: Genesee Towers to be awash in light for Downtown Flint Art Walk

This week’s Art Walk will feature something altogether different. Downtown Flint’s resurgence will be showcased in new and different ways thanks to the hard work of creative locals and out-of-towners. And to demonstrate just how creative these folks are, they’re going to attempt to create art out of a large abandoned building.

Check it out, from the Flint Public Art Project:

On July 8, as a culmination of this month’s downtown ArtWalk, the condemned 19-story Genesee Towers will come to life with music, performances, light installations, video projections, and a parade to the river. A demonstration of the new city emerging downtown, the event marks the beginning of the Flint Public Art Project, a 10-year program of events, installations, performances, social sculptures, and new buildings to amplify the regeneration process underway in the city.

This free event will feature performances inside the tower by the Fischer Bodies, the Hula Hoops, JonBenet, and the Clio Girls, video and photography projections by Eric Hinds, Tara Moreno, and New York-based multimedia artist Chris Jordan, lighting installations by Dave Johnson, and a laser-and light installation by Brooklyn-based artist Raphaele Shirley illuminating the riverfront. Much more to be confirmed later.

Friday, July 8, 2011, 9:00 pm – 12 am
One Art Walk Park***, Flint, MI

Photo of the Day: Under a black light, everything looks cool

Here’s a photo from the Second Friday Art Walk last week. They had some great exhibits, as always, on the first floor of the Rowe Building. The artist is Justin Faber. (Photo by Jared Field)