Bzzz! Flint Children’s Museum Keeps Kids Busy as Bees

Build a honeycomb wall in "A Bee's Life."

The one-of-a-kind exhibit explores flowers and honey production through activities including building a honeycomb wall (pictured above).

Did you hear the buzz? Young visitors to the Flint Children’s Museum can now experience “A Bee’s Life,” a new, one-of-a-kind exhibit that will be on display in the museum’s Discovery Zone through the end of summer.

In addition to dressing up as the flying insects (striped vests, wings and “worker bee” construction helmets are provided), children can help build the walls of a honeycomb as well as harvest pollen from giant flowers adorning the walls.

Like all of the museum’s programming, the exhibit aims to teach the arts, humanities and sciences in an interactive and engaging way for children ages 2 to 10. According to Stephen Wisniewski, Director of Publications and Outreach, this particular exhibit hits several different education areas, including math (the shapes in the honeycomb) and natural sciences (learning the different parts of bees and wildflowers).

“It also allows us to talk about how important bees are to the environment, especially as we move into the spring and summertime,” Wisniewski said.

Access to “A Bee’s Life” is included in the general admission, which costs $6 per person. For more information about the Flint Children’s Museum, at 1602 University Ave, visit or call 810-767-5437.

The museum will also re-open its free satellite exhibit at the Flint Farmers’ Market, at 300 E. 1st St., on Saturday. The relocated “Farmer’s Playhouse” will feature the same elements as before, including the silo tower playhouse and the play planting fields, in addition to a new climbing wall and mural. For market hours, visit

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