Stop In To The Flint Farmer’s Market This Saturday For A Taste Of The Market

1403099239With summer here people’s minds turn to barbecues and festivals and things that go ‘bang’ in the sky but for foodies things get a little bleak at times. Sure, sure, there’s an abundance of fresh foods out there but there aren’t many events focused on those foods or on anything that isn’t barbecued or covered in some manner of sauce, ah, but the Flint Farmer’s Market has just what the foodie palate has been craving at their Taste of the Market event this Saturday.  The event is the perfect opportunity to check out the new space if you haven’t yet and will give you a chance to learn more about some of the amazing foods that are there.  The event will feature the cooking talents of some of the chefs of the Market’s businesses and will offer a very wide variety of foods and styles.  If you come out you will be able to see demonstrations of skills from chefs from Chubby Duck Global Foods, Chef Nate’s Wing Bar, Mexico at the Market, and Beirut Restaurant & Grocery.

This event is a wonderful way to see how some local chefs prepare their favorite recipes and will give you some insight into how they create those dishes and put their own spins on them.  The event runs from late morning into the early afternoon so there is plenty of time to do some shopping, both window and otherwise, either before or after the demonstrations.  If you have a love for food and cooking this is an event you won’t want to miss.

A Taste of the Market

Flint Farmer’s Market – Downtown Flint

Saturday, June 28, 2014

11 AM – 3 PM




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