There’s Music And Movies In Store For You This Thursday!

FHC ROCKFor those daring souls in the mood for an early start to their weekend and a little excitement in their week they need look no further than Rock ‘N Roll In Your Grave, the first event of 2014 put on by the Flint Horror Convention.  This event will match the rollicking fun of rock music with the schlockiest of horror films to create an evening that fans won’t soon forget.  Local bands Free Will and Rot Mouth will take the stage at the Flint Local 432 starting just after 7PM and will get the evening going with their inspired brands of the rock many of us grew up with but tinged with a little grim cheer.  Following the bands will be a short intermission filled with classic movie trailers from some well-known ‘rock films’ before the evening’s feature film is presented – odd-ball rock classic Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare.  Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare is best known for its star, muscle-bound rock singer Thor, whose band was known for their over the top theatrics.  The film is the tale of an extreme rock band that sets up shop in an old farm house to record their newest record when creatures of darkness begin to appear and cause mischief, leaving it up to the band’s singer (Thor) to save the day.

With the weather finally starting to feel as if spring and summer are on their way it’s time to shake the cobwebs loose and get out and enjoy some tongue in cheek scares on the cheap at Rock ‘N Roll In Your Grave this Thursday.



Thursday, May 8

7PM – 10PM

Flint Local 432 – 124 W. First Street

$5 Admission


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