Let’s Celebrate The Many Things ‘Made In Flint & Genesee’

madeinfg (2)There has been a movement in recent years to start highlighting and celebrating local and regional brands as a way to support the many hometown businesses and products that sustain a community and now the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce has launched a new campaign to let everyone know which products have been Made In Flint & Genesee.  The Made In Flint & Genesee campaign launches this week and already has a very impressive list of companies such as Koegel’s Meats, The Coffee Beanery, D&W Windows, and many, many more.  For most of us the easiest thing in the world to do is to head online or to pick something up made from afar, wishing there was a local alternative we could turn to but not having a way to find those alternatives.  This new campaign from the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce hopes to help to curb some of that by featuring companies that make, assemble, and sell their own products in our area. These companies can register their business with the Chamber and they will then be promoted on special Made In Flint & Genesee page inside the Chamber’s own website and will get a special logo to signify that their product is made locally.  The fantastic thing about this campaign is that there are already dozens of products that are made in this area, from clothes, to beer, to food, to toys, and onward from there and this campaign shines a very direct and very bright light on products that we can all get that are from within our community.  This is a great way to start showing support for all the businesses that call Flint and Genesee County their home and a way to start letting the rest of the world know about the amazing products that are produced right here in the heart of the Mitten.

For more information on the Made In Flint & Genesee campaign and to see the businesses who are already onboard head to https://seeandbseen.org/2011/06/07/grand-blancs-justice-hayes-ready-to-enter-the-big-house-at-university-of-michigan/develop/made-in/ and find out all about it.


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