Film Fans Are In For A Scary Treat This Week At The Flint Institute Of Arts

room-237-movie-posterJust in time for Halloween the Friends of Modern Art at the Flint Institute of Arts have a scary treat in store for film fans this week as they show the horror classic The Shining on Thursday in anticipation of their premiere of the documentary on the film Room 237.  The Shining is the 1980 classic chiller starring Jack Nicholson as a frustrated writer who heads into the mountains of Colorado to take a job as the winter caretaker for a grand old hotel that just happens to be very haunted.  The film was made by legendary director Stanley Kubrick and has been the topic of heated debates and discussions over the years as to the meaning of some of the symbolism held within the film.  Room 237 is a recent documentary that presents many of the numerous theories on the symbolism, inspirations, and imagery behind The Shining and lets the viewer see which of the many theories they might believe and there’s no better way to get primed to see this documentary than to watch the film it explores first!

The Shining will be showing at the Flint Institute of Arts on Thursday, October 31 at 7:30PM in their theater and Room 237 will be showing this weekend on November 1, 2, and on the 3rd.

This is wonderful timing to see both The Shining and Room 237 as Halloween approaches with Winter close behind so treat yourself to a weekend of movies with one of film’s scariest classics.

The Shining

Flint Institute of Arts – Theater

Thursday, October 31 – 7:30PM

Room 237

Flint Institute of Arts – Theater

Friday, November 1 – 7:30PM

Saturday, November 2 – 7:30PM

Sunday, November 3 – 2PM


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