Flint and Genesee County Gearing Up For An Exciting Week

Summer’s end may be fast approaching but it’s hard not to get a little giddy as this time of year rolls around.  As most people know this week is all about cars, trucks, and the area’s automotive love affair.  Back to the Bricks is back this week for its ninth year and it’s bound to be its biggest year yet but cars aren’t the only thing going on this week as Downtown Flint welcomes two new businesses to the area – one an expansion of an established brand and the other a re-branding of an established business and both of them projects with a lot of promise and hope for the area.

This week will see Flint’s downtown coffee shop The Brown Sugar Café transformed into Café Rhema, a high concept coffee house specializing in an atmosphere of comfort and a goal of being the place people head to when they want to just sit and talk over a hot cup of coffee.  The new café will feature a refreshed look at an old theme with its décor taking inspiration from the era of The Great Gatsby and the menu will feature new and unique items such as Panini and Bubble Tea.  With extended hours they should be able to serve the many college students as well as any late night business gatherings.  Café Rhema debuted its new brand on Monday, August 12.

The biggest new addition downtown comes in the form of the Genesys Downtown Flint Health Center which is located just across the street from the Back to the Bricks statues and between First and Kearsley Streets on Saginaw Street.  This new facility holds to the commitment Genesys has made to make quality health care more accessible and will bring more workers to the Downtown area.   The Downtown Flint Health Center will feature an urgent care clinic, a Pharmacy, an internal medicine clinic and a women’s health clinic.  The grand opening also debuted on August 12.

Even though Summer is on its way out there’s still a lot going on this year and it looks like the Fall might be able to keep the heat around a little longer than we expected.


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