Paranormal Lecturer John Tenney Brings His ‘Weird Lectures’ To Flint

This past Saturday, April 20 the Flint Horror Convention brought paranormal lecturer John E.L. Tenney to Flint to present one of his ‘Weird Lectures’ to a captivated audience at downtown’s Lunch Studio.  Having worked on such television shows as Sightings and Paranormal State Mr. Tenney has been a paranormal researcher and lecturer for more than twenty years and has been on everything from Bigfoot hunts to home hauntings and was most recently part of a group of researchers that visited Colorado’s famous Stanley Hotel (featured in Stephen King’s The Shining) for an investigation.  Called ‘Weird Lectures’, the talks that Mr. Tenney gives delve into the world of the strange and unknown peppered with stories from his own research and experiences in the field and done with an appreciation for how wonderfully odd the world can be.  Since each lecture is different the one given in Flint covered several topics and always with a helping of humor.  From conspiracy theories to UFOS to ghostly happenings and beyond this lecture was something completely new to Flint and Tenney had the audience’s complete attention for the two hours and after, as people asked him their own questions.  John Tenney has been a guest for the first two years of the Flint Horror Convention and will be returning this October 19 for the 2013 convention, where he will have his many books for sale and will be giving a brief Weird Lecture.

For more information about John Tenney or to hear one of his Weird Lectures –

For more information about the Flint Horror Convention –




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